Silicon Valley Put On Notice For Political Bias

It wasn’t too long ago that President Trump announced a page set up on the White House website where you could report any censorship or political bias you saw on any of the major social media platforms. Now, Senator Josh Hawley (Rep, Missouri) has introduced new legislation to tackle that censorship.

The Ending Support for Internet Censorship Act seeks to remove protections by Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act if platforms are not neutral towards different political points of view. Right now, the major social media platforms cannot be held responsible for user-posted content, a protection that news media is not offered.

Since these companies have been becoming more political and biased, Senator Hawley feels it’s time for those protections to be removed. His bill would require that social media platforms follow the first amendment if they wanted to keep their current legal status.

“With Section 230, tech companies get a sweetheart deal that no other industry enjoys: complete exemption from traditional publisher liability in exchange for providing a forum free of political censorship. Unfortunately, and unsurprisingly, big tech has failed to hold up its end of the bargain,” Hawley stated.

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