Shocking, Sobering and a bit Hilarious.

I heard a leading psychologist say the divide in America is deeper than political. In fact, it bears all the characteristics of a divorce. The Left is the irreconcilable spouse who keeps coming up with new ways of getting back.

They simply cannot accept Trump’s Presidency. This thwarting of their will must never happen again. Their weapons are fake news and lawyers. They are frustrated over their Mueller-failed, Mueller-trap, so they seek new solutions. Tax returns have been their big plan from day one. Find something that tax attorneys and accountants can dispute and journalistically destroy his reputation by using words like “tax fraud” “cheat” “criminal” and “facing jail time.” Then they want to destroy his children and his business enterprises. But how to do this?

They got a new idea. Alter State ballots so Trump supporters can’t vote. Can they do this? Let’s see.

Why do they say they want tax returns? Because, they tell us, this is how we can all explore conflicts of interests.

Fair enough. Let’s see them pass the Trump test on this. Simply match what he’s done so far. Waive the salary the government wants to pay you and refuse to seek donors.

Now for the hilarious part…

The legislator who crafted this bill to block Trump from the ballot till he shows a decade of tax returns, has refused to disclose their own tax returns!

Can’t make this stuff up.

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  1. Judith A. Brooks

    Only the Democrats in major metro cities control Oregon…rest of Oregon is Republican. At this time we have no vote because the control who runs Oregon either locally or in congress. Every time I react to some potential law etc …you guessed it I get the run around. It is like if your not the right party you are mentally unable to make intelligent decisions. plus now we have a governor who as far as I am concerned is totally pushing Democratic party line…doesn’t matter what much of the state wants. But while I can’t get their attention I do have a secret weapon….I am a prayer warrior. And so I pray for all those in government that that are deceived by the enemy that they would find Jesus and come to have a deep personal relationship with Him and get down to business of representing all the people in their area and stop the games for power.
    I pray for the people of faith in government that they would be sustained by the Holy Spirit and I continue to pray thy Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven.

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