Shapiro Leaks Emails: Newsweek Writer Had Psychiatrist Secretly Appraise Kashuv

The recent “twitter war” between Parkland shooting survivor Kyle Kashuv and journalist Eichenwald had a bizarre turn today. Ben Shapiro had received several emails from the journalist one in which he revealed an alleged review by a psychiatrist concerning Kashuv’s mental health. Shapiro spilled the beans on him today and leaked the emails!

Here’s an excerpt:

Eichenwald revealed in the email to Shapiro that he has shared his private direct messages with Kashuv on Twitter with a psychiatrist “friend” who allegedly proceeded to tell him that the student was in “desperate need of psychiatric help or support.” The unnamed friend said it’s unclear if those issues stemmed from the shooting, “being psychologically unprepared” for the media spotlight or some other “underlying pathology.”

Eichenwald concluded his email to Shapiro by asking if he and Kashuv were “working in tandem” and essentially accused Shapiro of taking advantage of a “psychologically troubled kid” to further his own conservative agenda.

He closed with, “And don’t send this to Kyle. He does not need to know what a psychiatrist is saying about him. You have hurt him enough,” while signing off as a “contributing editor” for Vanity Fair.


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