Shake-Up To Wake Up


I have family in Israel, and the resilience of the Israelis is something. They need to listen for sirens all the time, and they have bomb shelters in their houses. We could do with some of that resilience, as coronavirus has made us so fragile in the United States. For the first time in thousands of years, we experienced Passover instead of celebrated it, and on May 31st, I think we’ll experience Pentecost as well.

The Lord gave us mercy in 2016 with Donald Trump, and I think that the Lord is allowing a shake-up to wake up. When I was talking to the military leaders in Israel, I asked them what they thought about President Trump taking out General Qassem Suleimani. They said it was the most courageous move of an American President in the history of Israel. In just two years, President Trump moved the US embassy to Jerusalem, took out Suleimani, and called Iran’s bluff.

I believe we should be praying from now to May 31st, and we should be praying for repentance. We need to see the Remnant turn up. This is a dangerous time, look how quickly people are going along with the giving up of their rights, their right to assemble, and their rights to free speech.

We need to wake up, repent, and recover.

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  1. I have been drawn into intercession on a new level in the last month. I am considering fasting as well. Recently I have been drawn to Daniel and Nehemiah . Their prayers of repentance and intercession have impacted the way I pray. I want to take my assignment as a remnant seriously. As Mordecai said ” perhaps you have been called for such a time as this”.

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