Serious Countdown In Effect

A word for 2019. Serious countdown in effect. Taiwan pressured by China. Who is the whacko that just went to Congress and F-bombed while frothing over impeachment of Trump?

So much is going on while I’m in Taiwan. including an embarrassing moment being taped for a News Channel and complimenting THAILAND instead of Taiwan! Oh well. Jet lag is a wonderful thing. Also, why did I do my first big business meeting in sneakers?

It’s all here…


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  1. Anita Ostrander

    Make America Airlines great again! I love your story and i hope AA does the right thing and compensates you for your loss. i also agree that we must mobilize around Donald trump. I think you are hitting the mark with your end time ideas!! If only the Christian community would wake up.. I think Christians in America are too comfortable and think they will be raptured out of here before anything bad happens.

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