‘Roseanne’ BLOWS UP In The Ratings. Trump Supporters Cheer. But There’s One Really Big Problem For Conservatives.

I follow Roseanne on Twitter. I was pleasantly surprised to find out during the Presidential election that she actually supported (& still does even today) our now President Trump. Now her show, “Roseanne” has just come back on ABC after a long hiatus. Deliberations of sorts on social media took place prior to the premier of her show last night as rumors and then confirmation of her character was said to be “pro-Trump”. But would anyone even watch it? Her show wound up breaking records.

Ben Shapiro took note of this and wrote an op ed today. I have a bit of a different thought to this than his as I believe its an opportunity for some – as are led by Holy Spirit, using wisdom and discernment to have conversations with others on the touchy topics her show addressed.

Here’s an excerpt:

On Tuesday night, Roseanne’s reboot premiered — and it blew up in the ratings. Fully 18.2 million Americans between the ages of 18-49 watched the show. It received a 5.1 rating. It was the best Tuesday night premier for ABC since 2006. Americans tuned in in shocking numbers.

Many conservatives are overjoyed at this — they see it as a cultural moment of great import, because Roseanne’s character is a Trump supporter. She shellacks Hillary on the show. Her sister, a purported Hillary supporter, couldn’t even bring herself to vote Hillary — she voted for Jill Stein.

Television hasn’t featured a respectful depiction of a typical Republican-voting woman in decades. And Roseanne isn’t it. Roseanne could just as easily have been a Bernie supporter as a Trump supporter, because she is a class heroine, not a cultural one — and the Left believes that the only path to unity between Right and Left is to cast out the cultural right. That’s what Roseanne does implicitly.

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