Roger Stone, General Flynn, & The Beginning Of The End for Marxist Universities

It’s great to be able to bring you some good news for a change! Recently we’ve had the good news about General Flynn, and now over the weekend, President Trump has commuted Roger Stone’s sentence. It’s a real Flynn-Stone breakthrough! The President made another announcement last week saying he would look at the tax-exempt status of Universities who shut down conservatives and teach Marxist propaganda. If they don’t clean up their act, he’ll be gunning for them.

On the subject of guns, did you see that the couple who defended themselves in St. Louis had their guns confiscated? That’s just crazy, taking away their only means of protecting themselves. The left worked so hard with their economic shutdown narrative, the economy suffered, they refused to reopen, then came the Black Lives Matter protesters and ruined their entire strategy. They couldn’t claim to be keeping the economy shut down while supporting the protests, so their narrative crumbled fast. My theory is that during the shutdown, God shut the church down because he wants a different church coming out. It’s a great awakening for us. We’re supposed to be the ones who are getting an awakening. So we need to ask ourselves, ‘what does God want?’

In other good news, Goya’s CEO refused to apologize to the baying leftist mob for his pro-Trump remarks. Finally, a company that refuses to fold to the mob, it’s refreshing!

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