Remnant – God says This to You…

Travis Holland shares a word regarding those who have been hidden away and seeing a golden valley, full of His glory. He shares what the Lord spoke regarding a remnant of those struggling hearing His voice despite encountering His presence.


They all came down and locked arms as one Body with one purpose. As they celebrated in the valley, their feet burned with fire upon them, their hands burned with a fresh fire upon them, and when they spoke, like golden pollen, the glory of God flowed out of their mouths as ones that spoke the heart of the Father.

God said, “Look! The ones called ‘The Remnant’ who thought they were small and alone have now arisen together and aligned together to carry My Kingdom to those that do not know My heart, to those that are hurting and have been crushed, to those that need to have their first love turned back to My Son, Jesus. These ones will be known as glory carriers, fiery-footed ones, nation shakers, and atmosphere changers.

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