Remember The Bush / Gore Court Battle?

The Bush/Gore recount and court battle took 37 days! Be patient. This is only day 6… it’s just 6 days into the process. The premature celebration on the Left is a cause of concern because they will melt down in the coming days.

Now the reverse kicks into gear as Attorney General William Barr verifies serious issues need investigating by the DOJ. The people coming forward to blow the whistle are courageous. The machine they are up against will threaten to hurt them and their family. Pray for these heroes. Seriously.

Pennsylvania is going to the Supreme Court, recounts are being authorized in different States and there are two paths to Trump victory that I share in this broadcast.

Not going to kid you, this is tough going because we are up against Information Warfare leading to Lawfare in the courts. The Legislators are under pressure. Pray for the lawyers and investigators on this now.

The Fathers knew a lot about power and wanted to guard us from media coronations and takeover. They created an elaborate process.

It starts by:

1. Voting

2. First Counting

3. Recounting

4. Courts

5. State Legislators

6. Generating ELECTORS that go to Congress

They did this to protect us from what is happening now.

DON’T LET YOUR STATE LEGISLATORS WAFFLE in the face of pressure from the press. Encourage them. And find out how to show up where needed, and get support around those whistle blowers.

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