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Persecution.Org: International Christian Concern (ICC) reported an incident of 24-year-old Faraz Masih attacked for his faith in Pakistan and later died from his injuries. It was not the first incident where he was harassed and physically assaulted. According to Social activist, Ayube Qaiser told ICC attacks like these are increasing in the country due to religious hatred.

Excerpt from Persecution.Org:

While reflecting on her son’s life, Faraz’s mother added “My son was running my kitchen. He was very gentle to everyone in the vicinity. He had no enmity. He was an active member of the Church. However, he was usually not given a day off to go to Church for Sunday prayer service.”

Masih claimed, “My son was targeted for his Christian faith. I don’t think we, the Christians, are safe in Pakistan. However, it is our country and we love it with our soul and spirit. We won’t seek refuge.”

We [still] want justice from the government,” pleaded the mother. Masih’s family is unfortunately not alone in their experience.

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Source: Religiously Motivated Acid Attack Killed Pakistani Christian | Persecution.Org

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