RASMUSSEN: Trump Approval Higher Than Obama at Same Point of Presidency

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President Trump was happy to see the results of yesterday’s polling by Rasmussen which showed him with a 50% approval rating but today’s poll is even rosier at 51%.

The news means that the 45th president is enjoying an approval rating that is seven points higher than President Obama at the same point in his presidency which was just 44%. Trump’s approval rating had previously fallen to just 42% in the middle of the pandemic.

Rasmussen’s data also shows that Joe Biden’s double-digit lead from early July has all but evaporated as the president has climbed within just two points, 47% to 45%.

Importantly, “likely voters” were surveyed as opposed to “U.S. adults” or “registered voters.” The sample size of 1,500 respondents is larger than most recent polling. It is worth mentioning that Rasmussen was one of the more accurate pollsters in 2016.

Democrats should be alarmed as the president’s campaign seems to be gaining steam both nationally and in key swing states which is why Real Clear Politics’ average of all polls has changed two percent in the president’s favor over the past few days.

Fox News’ Jesse Waters pointed out on his show this week that President Trump has gained support in six out of seven swing states over the past two weeks including Pennsylvania, Arizona, Florida, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

It is a result of the hard work of the president and his campaign team who have criss-crossed the country in recent days and capitalized on the digital aspect of pandemic-campaigning. Trump’s most recent tactic to reach voters is holding tele-rallies in battleground states.

Let’s take a closer look at Rasmussen’s polling results by demographic:

FOR – AUG 3, 2020 – Daily Presidential Snapshot

National Likely Voter (LV) Job Approval of @POTUS – 51%

Men LV App – 53%

Women LV App – 50%

GOP LV App – 79%

Dem LV App – 30%

Ind LV App – 49%

White LV App – 49%

Black Total LV App – 48%

Other Non-White Total LV App – 63%

Those are really, really good numbers and the president has three months to go.

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