Prophetic Word For President Trump: “You Will Recover All”

Wait until you hear this prophecy that was delivered to Donald Trump. It was the national day of prayer last week and the spirit of God is tearing the veil away from America as we see the charges against General Michael Flynn dropped. But what about Roger Stone, George Papadopoulos, and Carter Page? Were they set up the same way?

I’ve been getting this word, that God is going to cause us to overtake and recover all and is qualifying a remnant, confirming who he wants to work with right now. I want to show you Paula White prophecy over the President and he’s so moved by the word he can’t go on. Mario Salerno, a landlord auto-shop owner, also spoke and his prayer was right from the heart.

The thing that’s been bothering me recently is the apathy of some Christians – the only protection we have is the voice we have and the vote we’ve got. We need to be bold, speak, and exert our influence in primaries to get the right candidates, or even run yourself and get involved in politics at a local level.

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  1. Sherry Osmonovich

    I was greatly encouraged one day Iwhile reading in Psalms. I’d been upset about the vitriol of the left wing radicals. I started reading Psalms 64 in the NIV translation. I LOVED what David wrote. They (the enemy) chew on evil schemes in secret. But the LORD. But the LORD says, HE will cause their tongues to “fall upon themselves.” PTL!!!!!

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