Prophetic Update: North Korea, The Economic Battle, & The Great Awakening


Let’s kick this up a notch, and tell the truth.

Kim Clement said the North Korea ruler would be “brain dead.” What did he say and what’s happening in N. Korea?

4 million more unemployed BUT there is a promise of Awakening coming and Pentecost is the date that’s been prophesied. Haggai speaks of this moment in history. And Haggai talks about the shaking of nations and the economies.

The Shaking of the prison came at the midnight hour.. then the “awakening” of the jailer. God was shaking the foundations of hells control over the city when this took place. (Acts 16: 25-27)

Now God shakes entire nations. (Haggai 2: 22) for 2020! The President just told off a Washington Post reporter – live – saying, “Look, I’m the President of the United States and you’re fake news.”

What is God saying about you and your house during this economic battle? There is a powerful promise.

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  1. Charlene Robinson

    I love hearing from you as you have the right information we need. I agree with you and thank you here every time I hear you speak on things like you did here and things like the chips or bracelets to track us with. Australia is now advertising an app for your phone that will tell you who you walk by that has been tested for the virus, or has had it , or has it now. I have no idea how that is supposed to work but I’m not getting one for sure. They are also testing vaccine from “CHINA” for the virus. I can’t believe it but Australia is sold out way to far to China. I want to come home to America to be with Christians like you and Mario Murillo but can’t get there until they open the borders for air travel. I am trapped here right now but praying for a way to get home. Thank you for your work in this and God bless you and yours and keep them all safe for this great assignment. Have been following you for years and so glad you are there for us! Can’t wait to see the War Room info.

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