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Today I want to talk about the great American shaking and the bigger picture of what’s happening in the world. We’re in an economic conflict with the Chinese government. Christianity is coming to the center of this hour’s conflict because this is a spiritual chapter in history, but there is good news! God has been speaking to us about what’s coming in America. America is going through a great shaking – can we save what God gave us?

In my book God’s Chaos Candidate, I discuss the fourth crucible we’re entering into, and I ask how bad can it get? Well, Heidi Baker had a prophetic word confirming exactly what I was saying! Now, I honestly believed if Donald Trump was to be elected, he’d be a modern-day Cyrus, a ruler to stand at the helm of that fourth crucible––nobody has so mobilized the hatred, the animus, the hostility, and the sheer demonic rage as Donald Trump has. I think this is because he’s an impediment to Satan’s global agenda.

I believe that God raises up secular leaders, Cyrus himself was a secular leader. The trap we as Christians need to avoid is thinking that it’s up to Donald Trump to save America – It’s not! Remember, Cyrus only opened the door for the Jews to go back and rebuild their house, the walls of their city, and establish their nation. President Trump is doing the same, he’s making a way forward, but it’s up to the church to reform, revive, and awaken America.

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