Prophetic Dream For Pastors: “They’re Not Ready…”

Wanda Alger shares two powerful dreams both she and her husband had concerning pastors and how believers are not spiritually ready to deal with spiritual warfare. She also shares the importance of being ready for what God wants to do in America.



As watchmen in our community, we knew this was a prayer alert to take seriously. I also believe this is a reality in many other communities across the nation. The pastoral community is largely focused on caring for the sheep and addressing physical, mental, and emotional needs of the Body. This is certainly a part of their grace and their call. And yet, if the spiritual leaders in a city do not rightly discern things according to the Spirit of God, they will be caught unaware of the true battle in the heavenlies. If the spiritual man is not built up, the people of God will not have the wisdom, strength, or needed spiritual authority to stand against the enemy in the battles to come.

We know we are already in a spiritual battle in this nation. We see corruption and deception being exposed; but it’s not just in Washington D.C. The devil’s agenda is targeting many cities in this nation, looking to find footholds in the land. This has already happened in numerous communities where anti-God legislation is now the rule of thumb and biblical conservative values are being voted out of the city books.

The only way for this to stop is for local leaders to rise up with one voice and say “No.” The only reason our spiritual adversary continues to take ground is because the righteous stay silent and pastors are hesitant to get involved. There is a rise of local Pride parades, Drag-Queen story hours, acceptance of the Islamic ideology, stripping of parental rights, same-sex bathroom laws, and the list goes on. These realities are no longer in some foreign country or metropolitan city. They are taking up residence in any town that lets them.

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Source: Prophetic Dream For Pastors: “They’re Not Ready…” | Wanda Alger

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