Prophetic Companies Of Women Carrying Wisdom & Revelation

Madeline James shares how God often speaks to her through dreams. In the past 3 three months, many of her dreams and words she has received contained water in them and the deep places of God. James also shares how God is raising His daughters in this hour.

Madeline James shares how God often speaks to her through dreams.


In a recent dream, I was at a gathering of leaders and one of the leaders told me I would have to go to Japan to complete a dive. In the dream, I went into an open vision where I was in Japan with a special ops team, diving off diving blocks into the ocean. In many of my dreams before, I’ve been a part of special ops teams. Just like in the natural, in the spirit these special ops teams represent specialized teams that focus on specialized missions in the spirit. Often times, through prophetic intercession, you can take care of things in the Spirit to stop them from manifesting in the natural. These teams are usually comprised of intercessors and prophets.

As I began to do more research and read articles on the connection to Japan and diving, I discovered there is a specialized group of women divers called “ama.” Ama means “sea women.” These ama are Japanese divers, famous and known for collecting pearls. This is a Japanese tradition that most likely goes back 2,000 years. The ama, even in modern times, do not use modern diving equipment to dive. They traditionally wear white to help make themselves unnoticed by sharks when they dive. The ama are able to dive 30 feet, holding their breath up to two minutes. Although this practice is dwindling, the amas are a distinguished part of Japan’s history.

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