Prophecy Decoders – Impeachment, Boomerang, Exoneration

From The Elijah List, is an exclusive article published today that includes a prophetic word from Hank Kunneman given earlier this year on May 22, 2019. Kunneman’s prophetic word consists of a warning regarding a threat of impeaching President Trump, its consequences, and more.


“They shall say through the 90 days of summer, ‘We are now ready to bring articles of impeachment.’ Ha! What you seek to take out by your impeachment shall lead to your own demise and in the fall of 2020 there shall be a great fall,” says the Spirit of God.

“I speak a double meaning that you will understand when that moment arises upon this land. For there is jealousy and where there is strife, I speak to your house, to your congress—there is confusion and there is every evil work. It is written and it shall be seen if you bite and devour, you will be consumed by one another.

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Source: Prophecy Decoders – Impeachment, Boomerang, Exoneration | The Elijah List

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