Principalities and Powers are convulsing.

The ruling spirit over China is enraged at Trump and the church that prays for him. The Prince of Persia over Iran is enraged at Trump and the church that prays for him.
The Ruling “One World- Globalist” spirit over NY, LA, DC, and all of the European Union is enraged with Trump. North Korean devils are screaming in frustration. The Principality over Russia is complaining bitterly. The devil is having management issues all over the world because of Trump, and this makes him all the more furious at the church for setting back his agenda.
Hell plans on closing this chapter with Trump ASAP, and then it will turn on the church.

This is a positively glorious time to be an enlightened Christian. If we get it together, we could see the most unusual move of God in recorded history. Already believers are rising up in record numbers and getting involved with running for office. All these squishy Senators need their seats overturned and seized by bold patriots.

Read this… and let it kindle something inside you. May God give us a Joshua moment to hold the Sun still to prolong the victory.

Source: Pollak: Conservatives Will Not Forgive Senate for Buckling on Impeachment | Breitbart

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