Presidential Prayer Shield

Here is a video address I made for a special gathering of the POTUS Shield – an intercessory group that specifically stands in the gap for the President and his family. I added some prayer points so you can be part of this effort.

It has always been a small remnant that joins together in agreement that changes the future. I often go to Isaiah 45 to pray the promises linked to the 45th President during the first 100 days. Now more than ever we must push back against the resistance that is forming.

I believe the Lord showed me the nature of the spirit operating in the swamp of media. It is referred to in the Bible several times by the name Leviathan. The word literally describes a “twisting serpent.” It twists words into controversy. When an alligator or crocodile sinks its teeth into a large animal it goes into a “death roll” where it spins using its entire weight to tear off a limb of chunk of flesh. This spirit seeks to dismember and devour.

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