President Trump’s Golden Key & The Day Of Atonement

This year it’s not an election that’s happening; it’s a historical event, a defining moment in American history. Wave after wave of witchcraft has hit America. First, there was COVID-19, then the tragedy of George Floyd, compounded by Black Lives Matter. The BLM movement was never about racial reconciliation or fighting for black lives, but I didn’t know they were rooted in African witchcraft. Abraham Hamilton III talked about it on his program highlighting “The BLM connection to witchcraft.”

Franklin Graham will be doing a prayer walk up in DC, Jonathan Cahn is doing something with people. Forty days out from the election is the day of atonement. That’s what I want to talk to you about. On that day of atonement, we’ll be meeting, we’ll be praying, and we’ll be crying out to God. I believe the scales can be tipped, and the Lord will have mercy on us.

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