President Trump Signs Executive Order on Police Reform (VIDEO)

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President Trump this morning signed an executive order to make reforms to policing in the United States following widespread protesting, looting, and rioting in the aftermath of the wrongful death of George Floyd.

The White House says the goal of the “Safe Policing for Safe Communities” order is to “uphold clear and high policing standards, promote accountability in law enforcement, and help equip police officers for constructive community engagement.”

According to Fox News, the impact of the order:

  • Bans chokeholds unless the officer’s life is in danger.
  • Establishes a database of problematic officers with a focus on “excessive use of force.”
  • Instructs the Department of Justice to withhold funding for departments that do not submit
  • requested information to the DOJ.
  • Predicates federal funding on departments’ embrace of DOJ-approved “reputable independent credentialing body.”
  • Mandates mental illness and substance abuse encounter training.
  • Instructs the Health & Human Services (HHS) Secretary to analyze and report on best practices for “community support models.”
  • Increases funding for mental health programs for officers and community outreach programs.
    Prioritizes retaining and recruiting high-performing officers.


President Trump met with the families of some of the deceased whose deaths helped spark the national dialogue about police brutality. He spoke briefly before the signing saying,

“Many of these families lost their loved ones in deadly interactions with police. To all of the hurting families, I want you to know that all Americans mourn by your side. Your loved ones will not have died in vain. We are one nation, we grieve together, and we heal together.”

Even so, the mainstream media will surely find a way to spin this action in a negative light or simply ignore it all together but it is exactly what America needs right now.

The President was joined by top law enforcement professionals in the White House Rose Garden for the signing this morning.

Watch the historic moment for yourself in this 90-second clip:

The White House followed up with a moving tribute video marking the historic action:

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