President Trump Honors The Lord & Faces His Toughest Decision Yet

There’s a conspiracy of confusion in Washington right now because spiritual forces are trying to shut down America. They’re trying to do what the left could not do with Russia, Stormy Daniels, Michael Cohen, and Ukraine.

They’ve found their silver bullet, which has crushed the economy and wiped out the gains that President Trump made. This really is a spiritual phenomenon. These are the people who would try to storm the cockpit while the pilot is flying through a hurricane. The President did a very bold thing with Bishop Harry Jackson; he read from Isaiah 60:2 “the darkness covers the earth, yet upon you my light will shine.”

He prayed. He said that the biggest, toughest, decision of his life is coming upon him and that decision is like the metaphor with the airplane. He’s flying through the storm of coronavirus, looking at the fuel gauge, which is the American economy. The President is weighing the risks right now of reopening the Economy.

What we need to avoid is another Great Depression – if that happens, America goes on sale and foreign nations start buying our assets, major corporations, real estate, and national parks. I wrote to Heidi Baker who has a respected global ministry and I’ll tell you what she said. We’ll touch on a Chuck Pierce prophecy, how it connects with Passover, and what Christians really need to understand.

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8 Comments on "President Trump Honors The Lord & Faces His Toughest Decision Yet"

  1. Julie Mercer

    Great review, Lance. Can’t wait to see how God is going to position his chief warriors for the next battles. I’m ready, willing and able to go.

  2. Mary Dekekrs

    I so very much appreciate you. Thank you for speaking truth. I realize there are a couple of areas I need to add in my intercession right now. I am so thankful God gave us Donald Trump! We ask for strength and wisdom as he makes tough decisions. He is passionate for the United States of America!

  3. Fred

    Many times in the Bible the Lord would punish his people for where their hearts were.

    My people worship me with their lips ,but there hearts are far from me.
    Maybe this is the Lord’s way to get us into our prayer closets!
    The stock market rules our lives. Greed and fear run our World!!!!
    Trust in the Almighty Lord not the almighty dollar.
    IThe Lord is calling us to use the resources of heaven which is Faith and not if the world money!!!

  4. Patricia Poole

    Thank Lance! Thank you thank you thank you! You give words to what we feel but don’t always know how to say. Once I listen to you, often what has already stirred inwardly ignites, and this give me both spiritual and natural illumination. I appreciate the ministry God has given you. It has helped me so much. Keep it up! And God-speed!

  5. Kelly Boudreau

    Always enjoy your broadcasts Lance and agree with you 100%; thank you for taking the time to do this. I pray for President Trump all the time; he’s a brilliant man. Would love to meet him one day. The Lord bless these next 30 days and may we see the rising of His Glorious Church as never before. Keep up the tremendous work.

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