Preachers Who Are Traitors

Mario Murillo shares a warning to pastors and preachers regarding moral issues such as immigration and abortion. He puts out a strong challenge to those who say President Trump’s immigration policies are racist from the pulpit. He also challenges those who are saying abortion is the law of the land and that it should be respected.


The greatest moral outrage of our time is the hypocrisy over immigration and abortion. When one feels more compassion for MS 13 gangsters than innocent babies it is pure madness and abomination.

The only thing darker is the motivation behind this hypocrisy: it is to get more votes for the Democrat Party. Period. Democrats have sold their soul to Satan for votes. They have ruined America for votes. They know illegals will vote for the leftists who helped sneak them in. They know that an immoral society will vote for abortion if you can help salve their conscience by sanitizing ritual murder into simple birth control.

However, today I am opening my heart to warn my fellow preachers and begging them to stop being traitors—traitors to the cause of righteousness.

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Source: Preachers Who Are Traitors | Mario Murillo

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