Praying In These 9 Locations Will Change The World

James Goll shares how praying in 9 specific locations will have an impact on the world. He also shares how the Spirit of God has been stirring intercessors to begin praying like this. Some pray while walking their cities, street by street, following pre-arranged plans, and more.


Much more could be said about each of these potential types of places for praying on-site, as well as possible prayer strategies. When you feel God wants you to tackle the darkness in a particular place, be sure to do your homework first. Your prayers and actions will have impact only if they are inspired by the Holy Spirit and you can succeed only if you proceed with careful preparation, most often in the company of others. Remember, you are lighting what may be a slow fuse for a God-explosion sometime in the future.

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Source: Praying In These 9 Locations Will Change The World | The Elijah List

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