Prayer Directives

Today’s list comes from Lance’s broadcast aired on April 17, 2018 and let it be noted that some of these have begun to be answered, specifically in regards to the release of former FBI Director Comey’s memo’s. These were released on April 19, 2018!

  • President Trump – break off every curse, hex and spell against him; God reveal the truth; Psalms 21:8 His hand will find all Trump’s enemies, Your right hand will find those who hate Trump. For Leviathan and Jezebel spirits to be broken off. The anointing on Donald Trump to increase more and more as well as the favor upon him as he has blessed both Christians and Israel. For miraculous interventions and to baffle his opponents, and that the enemy cannot outwit our President. That the healing of the wounds will come in America and that he will not react or be moved in anger.
  • Lance – office in Washington D.C. there is a space he’s looking at that is about one block from the Whitehouse that has a conference room that holds about fifty people. Pray for favor with the bank and realtor, wisdom, direction, and discernment.
  • Michael Cohen – where the enemy has been trying to put the squeeze on him that God will give him extraordinary wisdom in the day of battle; for the peace of God to cover him and for Christians to surround him and bring him comfort and counsel. Both he and President Trump have a closer, stronger relationship with God. For God to show Himself strong on their behalf in their loyalty to each other.
  • Church – to raise up new media, new journalists, new voices not outside of revival but as an epicenter of this; raise up a special “breed” like Stephen who can both articulate and demonstrate, as oracles that have tongues of fire to manifest the supernatural as well; raise them up in: academia like Jordan Peterson, in media, business, schools and campuses. Let a wrecking ball break off the religious spirit off the church and the indifference and disengagement of Your shepherds from the great issues that the nation wrestles with. Raise up voices that will train and equip Your people like in the feast of Purim to be armed in the spirit to defend their lives.
  • Comey and Clapper – for continued exposure and justice to be done now in conjunction of the release of Comey’s memo’s.
  • FBI – integrity among those called to serve the President.
  • Social Media – Facebook’s algorithms are targeting conservative voices including Lance’s, Hannity who the left is turning off any future audience from listening to him; Laura Ingraham etc..
  • Intercessors – for God to raise up more.
  • 7mUnderground – to grow and take our mountains; for people to connect locally, gathering in micro-church groups.


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