Prayer Directives | September 3, 2018

  • President Trump – He met with approximately 100 Evangelical leaders hosting them for dinner recently. The message he shared which carried a prophetic warning to the leaders, was to remind them of what could happen in November should we lose the House to Democrats, urging them all to support their local Republican candidates. We need to pray these leaders will use their influence wisely, to spur others to action, doing precisely what President Trump urged. Continue to also pray for the Shalom of God to cover his heart and mind in the face of the daily battles, both in the natural and supernatural, and for him to have heavenly wisdom and discernment.
  • Media Censorship Of Conservatives – There is a group of Facebook employees who have very recently begun a group to look into their lack of embracing diverse political opinions. They’ve created a Facebook page for others to support them, and create a space for diverse conversations. Pray the Lord will raise up Daniels and Josephs to come alongside these. Pray for more voices to rise WITHIN the other social media platforms to bring about kingdom influence.
  • Midterms – Pray Christians will realize the gravity and importance of their votes, as well as their support of local candidates running. Pray that Pastors will gain the courage to speak boldly from their pulpits regarding the elections. Pray for strength for those who are running, and that people will support them financially or volunteer in some way.






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