Prayer Directives | September 25, 2018

  • President Trump – Pray for daily protection over President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and their families (Psalm 91). Also declare the promises of deliverance in regards to the enemy from Psalm 64 as well. Pray for those who have been contrary to the President by “resisting,” that their resistance would continue to be discovered and their efforts, fail.
  • Media  Pray for hidden agendas within the media to be exposed (Daniel 2:22). Also pray for the lies and confusion in the media to be exposed and torn down (Isaiah 25:7).
  • Judge Kavanaugh – Pray Psalm 64 over him and declare the plans of the enemy—who has been working nonstop through various people—to fall to the ground. Pray that his appointment is not delayed and takes place despite what the enemy has said.
  • Declassification of FISA Docs and Texts relating to the Russia Probe – Pray that the delays planned by those in opposition to this within the DOJ and the FBI (despite the President’s decree), will fail. Pray for justice as this information begins to come out.
  • Preachers – Pray for them to wake up, be filled with courage and speak boldly, addressing the issues from their platforms and pulpits.
  • Midterms – November 6th is less than 50 days away. It has been reported that some of the current Republicans in office are overly confident in them securing the House. While we do not speak fear or doubt, we must continue to press in and not let up. Keep praying Christians will realize the gravity and importance of their votes as well as their support of local candidates running. Pray for protection for those who are running, and that people will support them financially or volunteer in some way.

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