Prayer Directives | September 11, 2018

  • President Trump – We continue to lift him up in the face of mockery coming from media, especially after the release of the New York Times article allegedly written anonymously by a Senior White House Official claiming they were also resisting him. Continue to also pray for the Shalom of God to cover his heart and mind in the face of the daily battles, both in the natural and supernatural, to shake off the attacks, and for him to have heavenly wisdom and discernment.
  • Corporate Church in America, and Globally – From Hank Kunneman’s word came a challenge to stand and NOT point fingers, to not sow discord, to be marked with the spirit of intercession. If we will do so, God promised He will cause His grace to rest upon us, put His words in our mouths, and we will shift atmospheres and territories. Pray that we will lift our voices in praise, not in accusation, in love and not in hatred or racism, with wisdom and discernment instead of judgement or prejudice.
  • Midterms – Pray Christians will realize the gravity and importance of their votes, as well as their support of local candidates running. Pray that Pastors will gain the courage to speak boldly from their pulpits regarding the elections. Pray for strength for those who are running, and that people will support them financially or volunteer in some way.

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