Prayer Directives | October 8, 2018


  • President Trump – Isaiah 45 – Pray that the anointing of Cyrus that is upon our President will continue to loosen the armor of Kings, open double doors, and that the places that have been so crooked will be made straight. Pray also for daily protection over President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and their families (Psalm 91). Declare the promise of deliverance in regards to the enemy. Pray for the Shalom of God to cover his heart and his mind.
  • Government officials – Pray for these officials, regardless of party, that the Lord would speak to them in the night, in their dreams, to choose life over death, and righteousness over lawlessness. (See Curt Landry’s prophetic word for more on this.)
  • Midterms – November 6th is coming quickly. Continue to press in in prayer over this in the next few weeks. Pray concerning those that have been registered illegally (non-citizens, names of those who are deceased etc.), pray the Lord will station Angelic forces over places that use voter booths, and for protection over ballots.
  • Judge Brett Kavanaugh and family – Continue praying for restoration of his name and reputation as well as healing for the family. Pray Psalm 40 (at the request of his wife) and Psalm 91 over them as the Left continues their barragement of hate.
  • Boldness – Pray that the boldness being displayed by Senators Graham, Grassley and others will spread to more and more of their peers. Pray that this boldness spreads to believers and Preachers across the country to stand up and that their backs become stiffened to stand and vote.
  • WalkAway – Continue praying for these who have made statements of changing from voting as a Democrat to Republican in the midterms, that they will follow through. Pray for the upcoming #WalkAway Campaign taking place in Washington D.C. near the end of October. Pray for #WalkAway’s founder Brandon Straka who is leading this campaign.

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