Prayer Directives | October 29, 2018


  • President Trump – Pray that he would be aware of the enemy’s schemes. Pray that he will put on the armor of God to withstand enemy attack. Pray that he will not be swayed by flattering or deceitful schemes. Pray for those around him to watch out for him and stand with him. Pray for the Trump household, that God’s presence would overshadow relationships and family connections.
  • Migrant Caravan – Pray for those whose intentions are to harm others (i.e., human trafficking) to be discovered during their trek and to be apprehended by authorities. Pray that God will plant His people in this group. Pray for their protection but also that God will use them covertly in getting truth to the media and the appropriate authorities. Pray for whoever has been funding this group, that those funds dry up!
  • George Soros – Pray for a heart-change for this man. Pray for Holy Spirit to invade his dreams at night, for Holy Spirit encounters in the day, and for divine interruptions with people who God has anointed in HIs power and might! Pray also that God interrupts and disconnects his connections into Google, Facebook, and other similar sources.
  • Midterm Elections – They are almost here! Just one more post after this one until Election Day on 11/6/18. With all the distractions the enemy has been throwing (the massive caravan coming from Central America, The Vote Common Good bus tour, pipe bombs sent to Democrat leaders and more) PRAY that Holy Spirit has His way in people’s hearts to vote, to vote for righteousness, for their EYES to be OPENED to the truth (Ephesians 1:8a). Pray protection over ballots, over the voting booth locations, for the enemy’s tactics and strategies using illegal alien votes, for those to be discovered and taken care of correctly.

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