Prayer Directives | October 22, 2018


  • President Trump – Psalm 3 – We declare that the Lord is a shield for him, the glory and the lifter of his head (and his heart). Our President will not be afraid of those set against him. Break the cheekbone and the teeth of his enemies we ask, oh Lord! We also lift up the anti-Trump evangelicals planning to visit key states attempting to influence the midterms. We pray a boomerang-type affect upon their mission. We continue to declare daily protection over President Trump, Vice-President Mike Pence and their families (Psalm 91). We declare the promise of deliverance from the enemy.
  • States Affected by Hurricane Michael – Reports have come in regarding the hard-hit areas of Florida and Georgia where not only are people and businesses still waiting for power to be restored, the places they normally go vote have also been affected. This is serious as both states have close races for Governor. Pray for strategies and provision, for the local Republican groups in the affected areas. Pray that people will resolve to vote on November 6th next month, and that there are places they can get to in order to vote.
  • Divine Protection For Government and Conservative Leaders – Multiple incidents have been reported just this week as violence has escalated against candidates, and staff. The statement made by Hillary Clinton that there will be no civility until the Democrat party wins the midterms needs to be broken off, and leadership in the Democrat party need to rise up and call for a stop to this. Pray for the Democrat leadership to be visited in their dreams, for the conviction of the Lord to come upon them. Pray for angelic protection over these that the left has come against and injured. Pray that the Republican candidates running will not back down and for their resolve to be strengthened!

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