Prayer Directives | October 15, 2018

  • President Trump – Psalm 68 – Let God arise over our President and that his enemies be scattered. We pray for those who hate our President, and for the anti-Trump evangelicals planning to go to key states to influence the midterms. We pray a boomerang-type affect upon their mission. We also pray for daily protection over President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and their families (Psalm 91). Declare the promise of deliverance in regards to the enemy. Pray for divine strength and the Shalom of God to cover his heart and his mind.
  • Midterms – The time to vote will be here before we know it. As the enemy has ramped up their forces, we must not let up but continue pressing into prayer. Illegally registered voters keeps coming up in the news. Pray that those who have been registered illegally that the Lord will station Angelic forces over places that use voter booths, and for protection over ballots.
  • Boldness – We pray for boldness but also a strong resolve to rise from within the ranks of believers all across the United States and beyond. In light of the continued calls for resistance from the liberal left, let us also pray the Lord uses this to add fuel to the flame and to stand firm.
  • Divine Protection For Government and Conservative Leaders – As those like Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters and others have called for un-civility, we pray for angelic protection over these that the left have come against. Pray they also not walk in fear, but with boldness!

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