Prayer Directives | November 5, 2018


  • President Trump – Pray for divine wisdom regarding the 14th amendment as it applies to birthright citizenship. Pray for strength, stamina, both mentally and physically. (Prior to the election he will have traveled quite extensively in regards to supporting candidates running for office.) Pray for the shalom of God to cover his heart and mind. Pray that the lies being propagated by media will not distract him. Pray for divine protection over him, the White House, when he travels, during his meetings, and while he’s with his family. Pray for the Trump household, that God’s presence would overshadow relationships and family connections.
  • Migrant Caravan – Pray for God to intervene, and to interrupt the enemy’s plans. Pray for those whose intentions are to harm others (i.e., human trafficking) to be discovered during their trek and to be apprehended by authorities. Pray for the armed forces that have been sent by the President to our southern borders. Pray for their protection, for wisdom, and for divine counsel amongst those who have the authority to make decisions.
  • Pittsburgh Shooting And Violent Acts – The rash of violence across America has reached a fever pitch. And while the murder of anyone for any reason is a tragedy and a capital crime, the reemergence and shocking growth of anti-Semitic violence should be disturbing to every American. Lord, please hear the cries of your people! Intervene to aid the injured survivors and the families of those killed and injured, including the police officers injured in the line of duty. Lord, intervene supernaturally to heal, comfort, and strengthen all who have been touched by this horrific hate-inspired assault upon people whom you love. May righteousness and justice be accomplished. (Ps 60:1-5; 103: all; Ps 107: all; 147: all)
  • Midterm Elections – Here’s an excerpt from Robert Henderson’s Courts Of Heaven prayers for the midterms: “Lord, we humbly come before Your Courts of Heaven and petition you on behalf of the United States of America. As we approach the mid-term elections in our nation we are in jeopardy of Your purposes being thwarted. We ask before You that you would have mercy on our nation. We ask that there would be a sweeping election of conservatives that would stand for Your agenda within our nation. We ask that from district to district, region to region and State to State those who carry Your heart, morality, ethics and desire shall be elected. We ask that President Donald J. Trump would have the men and women in Congress that is necessary to fulfill Your purpose in him and through him. We ask Lord that Your Name would be glorified again within the United States of America and the conservative values cherished by You would be upheld and re-established in our nation.” Click here for more

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