Prayer Directives | November 27, 2018


  • President Trump – Pray for wisdom regarding the ongoing situation at the borders with the migrant caravan. Pray for the shalom of God to surround our President. Continue to pray for protection, discernment and strength. Keep praying for peace and order in our nation—declare it in your own locations wherever you go, and for the upholding of the rule of law.
  • Migrant Caravan – The San Ysidro Border Crossing south of San Diego, California was closed down due to the caravan rushing the border. Continue praying for this situation at the borders. Pray for wisdom of law enforcement agencies working together. Pray for those caught in the middle of a lawless situation (women and children due to trafficking) that God will protect them.
  • Heartbeat bill in Ohio – It is noteworthy that this has passed the house, but there are concerns that Governor Kasich would veto the bill again like he did in 2016. Pray for the Governor that he has a change of heart and mind concerning this bill.  
  • Awakening of The Corporate Church in America and Abroad – Pray that God will continue awakening His bride where she has been lulled to sleep. Pray that once awakened the Church will also get active where needed in the 7 mountains—and support those who already are.

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