Prayer Directives | May 4, 2018

Today’s list comes from Lance’s Facebook Live broadcast aired on April 27, 2018.

prayer directives

  • God raise up “Luthers” – such as Jordan Peterson in academia speaking the truth; freedom of speech issues – gender identity; political correctness/thought police. 
  • President Trump – the Lord has raised him up as a friend to Israel and Christians, surround him with the right counsel and wisdom; blow back the demonic cloud; those who lay in secret – deep state/RINO’s/ – we pray the Lord will raise up constituents to pressure them to do what is right. Preservation our President’s life; deliver him from fear of his enemies, from the pots of wicked workers of iniquity. Isaiah 45 as a Cyrus, Lord you put President Trump in office to slow down the enemy’s plan, he has been set as an extension of Your grace. We command the forces of anxiety be bound in Jesus’ Name and for grace and peace to be over him.
  • Psalm 64 – verse 3-5 Those who sharpen their tongues like a sword: Mueller, prosecutors, deep state, Clapper, the media full of bitter words. Verse 6 – the inward, deep thoughts and egos – Flake, Graham, McCain – those who voted to protect Mueller as backlash against our President. Verse 7 we say instead that God shall shoot at them, and divide their tongues, and fall into the pit they dug, including all those in the intelligence agencies.
  • Psalm 71 – raise up those to reveal, expose, and confound them whose intent it to bring our President shame.
  • Isaiah 45 – make the crooked mountains straight: media, government, academia, business. Bring forth the treasures of darkness – hidden things, patents, discoveries, resources for His elect.
  • President’s cabinet, administration – we declare Psalm 64 – rebuking the spirit of fear off of them; the enemy has brought a “diligent search” and we apply the blood of Jesus to the sins of our President’s past.
  • Trump family – for the children, Donald Jr and the divorce; surround the family with those who are upright, who have testimonies, those who are honorable. Clothe Melania with honor and protect her, and over their marriage, strengthen them both.
  • Michael Cohen – Who has been stunned by the opposition against our President who is more like a patriarch than a normal business CEO. We plead the blood of Jesus cover him and his family.
  • Jeff Sessions – pray to remove demonic barriers holding him back from doing his job.
  • Rudy Guiliani – he is anointed and in place for God’s purposes. Lord, arm him with the arguments of Heaven; give him words of wisdom for both Michael Cohen and President Trump.
  • Stormy’s “tour” –  pull the wheels off the chariot and for the “storm” to pass, cease and desist.
  • FISA warrant – if it is true that it was obtained illegally, let the “whistle-blowers” come forth to substantiate the facts.
  • North Korea – Kim Jung Un – North Korea the place of revival and for salvation for Kim Jung Un.
  • Sheep Nations – we pray for new trade routes for those who are friends of Israel; economic strengthening of a godly world order: Romania, Chech Republic, Slovakia, Brazil, Peru, Guatemala, and Honduras. Bring Shalom over each one.
  • Russia/Putin – surround him with right counsel and believers to come along side of him
  • California/USA+ – roll back the rising tide of darkness; bring revival in the south, the northeast, to Asia, Europe and the Pacific Rim. An extension of grace and peace. Awaken the saints and believers that they will know that “business as usual” has changed, that it is time to move towards government, media, academia, business. America’s shaking is not for nothing.
  • 7mUnderground – to grow and take our mountains; for people to connect locally, gathering in micro-church groups.

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  1. Ken Banks

    I am always praying for Mr. Trump and this country. God is doing something massive right now. My friends that are far away from me but prayer is powerful are seeing miracles in their lives happen. I know the harvest is coming quick. We are getting hit with rain, I see the Holy Spirit instead. All Glory to the Lord

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