Prayer Directives May 28, 2018

On this Memorial Day weekend, let us also be thankful for those who served and gave their lives.

  • Intervene and look upon what the enemy is doing according to Acts 4: 29-31
  • Shaking of the Nations because the kingdom of God is at hand
  • The Anointing and Your Hand is still on the United States for the purpose it was raised up
  • Doors Open During This Hebrew Month
  • Angels released to D.C., in the lives of believers;
  • Mordecai Moments
  • Awakening in the church around the world
  • Strengthen the church in Nigeria
  • Expose the killing of Christians in India
  • Sheep Nations Arising in Central Europe and Central America – a righteous force in Singapore, Australia.
  • The Same Anointing on Reagan, and the same angel that was upon him, the same angel that was at work during his administration that challenged Gorbachev to tear down the wall is going to tear down the walls that Satan has built and put UP the walls that the Lord wants built, to be upon President Trump as he goes to meet with Kim Jong Un in N. Korea.
  • Christians Armed and Educated With the Arguments of the Spirit – we need to model the love and the truth of Jesus; walk in the supernatural with grace and to flow with His anointing, goodness, and His love. That there’d be no hatred or hostility, rancor, bitterness, anger, no selfish ambitions, competition or strife, and YET God’s people are going to be the ones who turn things upside downBusiness Leaders- deal with the spirit of mammon; but understand the purposeAcademia- deal with the spirit of intellectual seduction, and career ambition
  • New Technology to be birthed, new communication
  • Statesman Evangelists; Move of Spirit of God; Stadiums Filled
  • Nations Belong To Jesus; Give Us Nations
  • Unwilling Servants Who God Has Given: 10 Talent Platforms with 10 Talent TV Shows, 10 Talent Best Selling Books, 10 Talent Bank Accounts and won’t advance the Cause of Christ, that there would be an appraisal, and an inventory, and a redistribution of platforms, transfer the wealth to those who will steward them appropriately, to advance the Kingdom of God. An infusion in the spiritual bank accounts of those who’ve been hidden, marginalized.
  • Take Note of their Threats and Laugh (Acts 4: 29-31; Psalms 2) let there be a shaking as God laughs upon His throne! Shake up the “Philippian jailer cells” where His people have been “locked up”. Let there be a “jail break”, a release of glory, divine reversals, divine empowerment, new alignments, be open to the new alignments.
  • Gathering of the Dangerous– conference in August, Washington D. C.; the dangerous to the devil are the Mordecais, Nehemiahs, Jermiahs, the Cyrus’. (Daniel 11:1).
  • President Trump– the shalom of God to be over his head, supernatural grace and peace over him. For certain voices to grow dimmer but the Voice of the Lord, Voice of Hope, the Voice of Truth, Patience, Friendship, Prosperity and Strength, come into his ears. Let him know by the Spirit of God that the emotional bank of heaven can be poured out to give him a sense of joy and peace despite the contradictions around him. Let there be favor with Your people, the right voices are coming to him, not those of confusion in council, but of oracles, of prophets, those who have Your mind and heart would be speaking. Also for Mike Pompeo and other believers
  • Those Who Honor Your Servants receive Honor, but those who dishonor President Trump and those appointed by You, to see Your dissatisfaction, they will be “lightly esteemed”.
  • Joy and Strength in this moment of history; angels into your territories, your houses, business affairs

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