Prayer Directives | May 20, 2018

JOIN US: Sunday, May 20th, 2018 in a LIVE PRAYER CALL

  • Praise and thankfulness – for God’s faithfulness. For what He IS doing in our homes/cities/states/country. He IS moving, He IS ANSWERING. Open the eyes of those who have yet to see as Elisha asked for his servants eyes to see the unseen who were fighting for them. Let US SEE with spiritual eyes what GOD IS DOING. Help us to partner with Your work, Your purposes, to not only pray but our faith would have ACTIONS. Mobilize Your Church. Mobilize, awaken, shake Your church up to stand up, partake, move, act with the authority You’ve given us.
  • Media, Government, Academia, Business – Raise up more wrecking balls like Candace Owen, Kanye West. Use those whose understanding has been awakened to the truth, that break down the leftist ideologies with clarity. We pray for protection over them and their families. Let others find their voice, cluster together, give them strength and have a winsomeness, to be able to reach out, present a fresh revelation of a vital, powerful, relevant Word of God to this generation.
  • Korean church in North and South Korea – God as You are moving on the hearts of the rulers to become one – we pray for those who have been long persecuted in North Korea. For those who are in prison – Your protection over them, for absolute freedom, restoration of their health, reunite them with their families. Let them shine as never before, as those who’ve held them captive – let them see the Glory of God and even turn to You. ISAIAH 42:10-13
  • North Korea – Kim Jung Un – continue to break the enemy’s hold off this leader, expose any plans of the enemy we ask for divine encounters with the presence of God to come upon him. For dreams and visitations
  • President Trump – We pray for an extension of grace and peace upon our President. Pray for truth to come out in such a way that those who are designing and divining, and conspiring for the overturning of the election so that they can regain power, that You would expose whatever is at work there, Lord. Pray every vex, hex, and spell against our President is broken, and those legal entanglements that the enemy uses to destroy people, used to destroy Mike Flynn, all those who are involved with Trump, the malicious campaign of revenge, all be broken off.
    • Continue to expose the hidden things where there is intrigue, deception, and coverup from the former intelligence agencies.
    • He is a President who stands for and with Israel. Embassy opened in Jerusalem. For those who have been kind to Your people, for this President, a modern day Cyrus – we pray divine protection upon him. We invoke the promise of Isaiah 45:2 – the anointing that is on this office, will undo the belts of adversaries. Pray that it will turn towards adversaries in his own house, the senate, his own press, business community,
    • Give him advisors who are wise.
      • Rudy Guiliani
      • Mike Pompeo
      • John Bolton
    • Heads of military, General Mattis and others, as they’re dealing with North Korea, Iran.
    • Peace, wisdom, confidence and security, as he deals with international affairs
  • Mueller Investigation. For a boomerang effect (see Isaiah 54:17)
  • Midterms – raise up LEADERS to connect with candidates, volunteers to register people to vote; to speak in their churches; awaken and SHAKE those in the churches who are currently opposed to “politics” – shake up their thinking! Give those that are ready and willing to serve a VOICE and to represent their local areas. ANOINT their voices, give them strategies; help them face their fear of involvement.
  • Sheep nations – We are one body, globally. Pray sheep nations will arise, nations that will preserve religious liberty, nations that will not be ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Lance and family – healing for Annabelle, to make a full recovery. For continued protection, wisdom, discernment. For Lance to have the mind of Christ; divine appointments, and for each event he is speaking at.
  • 7mUnderground – to grow and take our mountains; for people to connect locally, gathering in micro-church groups.

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