Prayer Directives May 11, 2018

Today’s list comes from Lance’s Periscope broadcast which aired on May 6, 2018.

prayer directives

  • Thankful for what God is doing for religious liberties. We can be thankful that God IS doing something. There is a battle for the soul of America. He is answering our prayers! We must pray with corresponding action. We thank you Father, you are raising up righteous rulers around the world.

  • Pray for rulers and those who are in authority – we pray Your grace and mercy comes down
  • Media and entertainment – we thank you for those coming forth such as Kanye West – pray for protection over him and his family. Raise up more with like boldness.
  • Jordan Peterson – we come against any occult activity, for divine protection and the same for any others who are speaking forth truth.
  • Nigerian church – 15,000 have been killed in the past 2 years. We pray the President of Nigeria will be sleepless in his saddle, will not be able to have rest until he addresses the outrage of the killing of Christians, and moves and HAS to move to satisfy the public and global outcry for what is the blatant destruction of religious liberty in this nation.
  • President Trump –  We pray for an extension of grace and peace upon our President.
    • Pray for truth to come out in such a way that those who are designing and divining, and conspiring for the overturning of the election so that they can regain power, that You would expose whatever is at work there, Lord.
      • We pray in Jesus’ Name that whatever the truth is, may it come out!
      • Where there is innocence, let innocence be proclaimed
      • Where there is intrigue, deception, and coverup from the former intelligence agencies, expose it Lord God for they have not just touched America in its vulnerability in a period of mercy instead of judgement, they’re touching that which You have done. Therefore they are touching You. I ask You to have regard for Your reputation.
    • This is a President who has stood with Israel.
      • Embassies are opening in the next few weeks in Jerusalem. For those who have been kind to Your people, for this President, a modern day Cyrus – we pray divine protection upon him. We invoke the promise of Isaiah 45:2 – the anointing that is on this office, will undo the belts of adversaries. Pray that it will turn towards adversaries in his own house, the senate, his own press, business community,
    • Give him advisors who are wise.
      • Rudy Guiliani
      • The President’s advisors who are wise:
        • Mike Pompeo
        • John Bolton
        • Various heads of military, General Mattis and others, as they’re dealing with North Korea, Iran.
    • Peace, wisdom, confidence and security, as he deals with international affairs
  • Midterms and mobilization
  • A different kind of move of God 
  • Break the spell that is over America, the division, that there be a piercing awakening, a rude awakening if need be, but a TRUE awakening of consciousness and awareness the actual battle that is going on within our culture and the nature of our nation
  • Sheep nations – thank you for praying for us, we’re praying for you, we are one body, globally. Pray sheep nations will arise, nations that will preserve religious liberty, nations that will not be ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Statesmen evangelists to rise up. Call forth prophetic evangelists like Billy Graham was from 1948-1972, a period of time where he preached to communist countries and under the anointing, warned America, calling people to the cross, calling forth reconciliation, calling for those to seek Jesus as the resolution. Even as President Trump has called for this, we call them forth – 28 years old and older.
  • Raise up a fresh army of utterance
  • Raise up “wrecking balls” into every structure that is militating against a Godly nation, a righteous nation, a virtuous nation.
    • Wrecking ball to come upon the forces dividing America, dividing God’s people.
  • We are not ashamed of the power of Christ that breaks strongholds over minds and hearts, that delivers us from powers of darkness.
    • Pray every vex, hex, and spell that is uttered against our President is broken, and those legal entanglements that the enemy uses to destroy people, used to destroy Mike Flynn, all those who are involved with Trump, the malicious campaign of revenge.
    • Pray for the wheels of Pharaoh’s chariot be pulled off, let it be turned over.
  • Stability in our nation (America)
  • True arguments born of revelation, wisdom and civility, not of lies, deception and accusation.
  • Grace upon the body of Christ.
    • Work (initiative)  that Paula White has done, let it roll out in cities, let there be spiritual and economic revitalization. Let it move quickly, powerfully and let America’s cities see a turn.
    • Loose the angels of heaven to bring courage and conviction, bring utterance to many voices that have been silent, afraid, ashamed
    • This is the hour of Esther, the feast of Purim.
      • The hour of Mordecais – stop bowing and genuflecting before Haman, but take a stand. It is NOT the hour to be afraid, back down, or to worry. This is the hour to hurry, to join ourselves with what the Spirit of God is doing in America. Recognize its going to get more oppositional, and is coming from the devil who has great wrath because of the global loss he’s suffered to his demonic plan.
    • Those in media, government, schools, business, find their voice, cluster together, give them strength and have a winsomeness, to be able to reach out, present a fresh revelation of a vital, powerful, relevant Word of God to this generation
    • New solutions to stagnant problems that comes from a united Church. New solutions that the body of Christ is anointed to heal, and restore
    • Political, exploited, divisions, demonic ideations that obsess and posses us in needless debate and argument, that they be exposed so that we can move in wisdom that comes from above.
    • A new unity, for leaders who are anointed yet unwilling to use their influence; pray for a redistribution of assets and resources that were given for the building up for America. Redistribute to the new “Davids” who are emerging, that are going to do His will and take on giants.
    • Transfer of wealth in terms of assets, influence, authority, resources, access to Your people, those that will do Your will that they be moved forward. Those who are mute and don’t want to do it, let their influence recede over the minds of the masses.
  • 7mUnderground – to grow and take our mountains; for people to connect locally, gathering in micro-church groups.

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