Prayer Directives March 16, 2020


  • President Trump – Pray that President Trump stands strong in the power of God’s might and not of his own. God said He would take what was meant for evil and turn it around for good. We stand on that word and pray the President will learn to as well. We pray a hedge of protection around him, and a hedge of fire that no man can penetrate. We pray that his heart be protected from the slander and that he stands in what the Lord has to say about him, rather than man or media. We also pray for comfort and for him to be encouraged. Pray that the Lord will strengthen and keep him, and his dear family, unswerving in every good work. 


  • Coronavirus Vice President Mike Pence has appeared on multiple “morning shows” to emphasize parts of President Trump’s message and share information from the coronavirus taskforce. It is comforting to know that our leaders—our PRAYING leaders—are approaching this with a balance of caution, pro-activity, and calm. Continue to pray for him and his team, as well as the President, as they further manage this situation. 



  • International Espionage At Major U.S. Universities – From IFAPray:The Department of Education has a new face. Armed with superintelligence, they are going after institutions of higher learning who accepted money but failed to report their gifts, from countries like China, Iran, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. The new efforts are part of the Trump administration’s efforts to crack down on hostile foreign Chinese graduate students and researchers working in American laboratories. President Trump has placed a high priority on rooting out scientists who are stealing America’s research and has repeatedly expressed his concerns related to two Chinese telecommunications companies, Huawei and Z.T.E. Attorney General William Barr, has made it a priority to pursue those who ignore and abuse the Foreign Agents Registration Act, or FARA.” Pray that God will reveal the strategies of the enemy so their schemes can be stopped.



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