Prayer Directives | June 09, 2018

  • President Trump – Declare that angels have charge over him, and that the Lord will keep him in all his ways. Pray in agreement for the binding of any witchcraft type incantations, word curses and related to fall to the ground and to be rendered powerless against him. Pray for continual strength to withstand the daily onslaught from the enemy coming at him from all directions. Declare the Word of God over him and for him to have the wisdom that comes from heaven. Pray for mighty warrior angels to guard him, his footsteps, and over all of his travels. Pray for supernatural strength to resist reacting emotionally to attacks coming from all directions, and for the Shalom of God to cover his heart and mind.

  • Protests Against ICE – Continue praying on behalf of those who work for this agency. Pray that God will render the enemy’s agenda useless, and for divine protection over the officers . Pray that the spiritual forces behind the protests be exposed.
  • Border Agents – Pray for their protection, for divine wisdom and discernment as they deal with families, criminals, and all those who are crossing our borders illegally.
  • SCOTUS Appointee – Now that President Trump has made his choice and has appointed Brett Kavanaugh, pray that he will have strength of character that will not back down under political pressure but will uphold and follow the rule of law. Also keep the next step, the confirmation process, in prayer.
  • Roe v Wade Movie – It has been reported that the cast and crew has quit among pressure coming from Hollywood. Pray God will intervene, bring the correct cast and staff, and for the completion and release of this movie.
  • Midterms – Pray for your local and state elections; for believers to get involved supporting local candidates.
  • Lance and Family – Pray for strength, wisdom, and clarity, and for times of refreshing.

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