Prayer Directives | June 26, 2018

  • President Trump – pray for the wisdom of Solomon in the area of immigration as media and democrats are pushing daily, in multiple ways. Pray regarding personal attacks from inside the government to guard his heart and mind. Pray for peace, the Shalom of God over him, his administration. For warring angels to guard him, his footsteps, everywhere he goes. Pray against any emotions of anger, bitterness and resentment. Pray for a refreshing for him, laughter, and good news. Pray for protection over the family after Peter Fonda’s threats towards Barron Trump posted. Let the shalom of God rule over their hearts and minds.
  • Immigration issues – Sessions is being attacked for upholding the current law as well as referring to the Bible; Willie Nelson raised his voice bashing Christians and MSM spewing a continuous feed of emotional manipulation. Pray that Christians will have discernment and wisdom and not allow themselves to be tricked by the emotional manipulation.
  • Mueller – issued a dramatic warning that Russia is now waging an aggressive attack against our midterm elections.
  • Inspector General’s Report. This has since come out and now with the revelations it has revealed, pray for justice to prevail, not just exposure of the swamp, but for righteous judgment, wisdom and discernment for AG Sessions and those working on all related cases.
  • Midterms. Pray for your local and state elections; for believers to get involved supporting local candidates.
  • Pray that God raises up: Josephs, Daniels, and Esthers in the different mountains – government, arts and entertainment, business, media, family, church/religion, and academia.

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