Prayer Directives | June 11, 2018

  • President Trump – Pray for the cutting the cords of anger and rage over his personal attacks from inside the government in his heart and mind; keep pressure on the spirit realm. We speak “Peace is a garrison”, angels batting down spirits that are sent, feelings of anger, bitterness and resentment. Pray for tonics of refreshing for him, daily laughter, good news. To build alliances for him in Sessions’s division and in the state department.


  • U.S. Korean Denuclearization Summit in Seoul, South Korea. Isa 45: 1 “…to subdue nations before him and loose the armor of kings…”. The Cyrus anointing and the mantle of the spirit of Elijah rest on President Trump during these negotiations, and for the wisdom of God like that of King Solomon to rest upon him.
  • Mueller Investigation. For a boomerang effect (see Isaiah 54:17); wheels to come off Pharoh’s chariot; enemies be embarrassed, and the amount of truth keeps coming up and up and up to rouse up the people of God.
  • Inspector General’s Report. Previously expected to have released on 6/5/18 but was delayed now until June 14 which is also President Trump’s birthday. Pray for it’s release, for wisdom and justice to prevail.C
  • Continued shaking, and revealing of deep state actors. Pray for God to continue to reveal what has been hidden in darkness, for true justice to prevail, wisdom and discernment for AG Sessions and those working on all related cases.
  • Midterms. Pray for the grassroots movement to continue to grow.
  • For the prophets to wake up the apostles Ezra 5:2-3 wake them up as they’re not willing to do their job, they need to be preparing for “winter”.
  • The Nations. Pick one nation and for 30 days pray for that nation its people, economy, cities, church, etc. Pray for the Sheep Nations to arise and for the leaders of those countries.
  • Pray that the Joseph’s, Daniel’s, and Esther’s would rise up working in government; prophets/apostles; find relationships in key cities; call for the saints to rise up in proximity to Cyrus type leaders.
  • Lance and family – He and Annabelle while they are in Israel; continued protection, wisdom, discernment.
  • 7mUnderground – We are on the right track! Pray we continue to grow and take our mountains; for people to connect locally, gathering in micro-church groups.

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