Prayer Directives | July 23, 2018

  • President Trump – Pray that Russia will cooperate on 4 VITAL fronts: Syria, where the U.S. wants Russia to keep Iran at bay; and provide security for Israel on the border of Syria. North Korea, where the U.S. wants Russia to help it pressure the Kim regime to denuclearize. Iran, where the U.S. is attempting to re-organize international pressure; and Ukraine, where the U.S. wants Russia to de-escalate. Watch how the left keeps shifting the narrative and the focus, which has increased with the Trump-Putin Summit and pray accordingly. Pray that the President will “zig” when his enemies “zag.” Continue to pray for the Shalom of God to cover his heart and mind, and to rise above the raucous noise of the left.

  • Democratic Media – In regards to our President, they want to focus on “meddling” because the other side of the coin is “collusion” and either one lets them DELEGITIMIZE his presidency as they did with Bush. Pray for this to boomerang and that regardless of how hard they try, that their efforts wear them out, and causes them to fail!
  • Pastor Andrew Brunson – In response to Turkey’s refusal to let him go, President Trump called out Turkey’s President Erdoğan via social media to do something. Pray for this Pastor’s strength, divine protection, for warrior angels to surround and guard him. Continue to pray for favor and his release.
  • Immigration Issue – the Democrats are using this as a targeted point for Midterms. Pray that the truth continues to come out and that their plans backfire.
  • Intelligence Community – Pray that God will continue to root out the corruption in these agencies, but also raise up those who have not been tainted by the “swamp.”
  • US Borders – There recently was a reporter who captured an illegal crossing on video and was threatened by the “trafficker” connected to this crossing. Pray for more in media to cover the truth of what happens at our borders.
  • Midterms – Pray for those who are running, for strength, and that people will step up and support them financially or volunteer in some way.

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