Prayer Directives | December 31, 2018


  • President Trump – Pray that the few prophetic voices who are affirming, the few who are encouraging him, and the few who have a prophetic anointing to expose the left for what it is, will reach our President. Continue to also pray for him as he is standing with a firm resolve regarding border security and building the wall.
  • The Global Ekklesia – Ask God to help the Church hear and see clear revelation from the Holy Spirit, so we know how to pray and what to do. Pray for prophetic leaders that can help bring that revelation to the Body of Christ. Intercede for a clarity of hearing and protection from anything false in the mix. Pray for the Holy Spirit to formulate clear decrees the Ekklesia can make that will move the heart of the Father and fulfill the purposes of the Son. Say, “This nation shall be saved!”
  • Government Shutdown and The Wall The Senate met today despite the partial government shutdown currently in effect. Negotiations to reopen the government, such as there have been, will shift when Congress reconvenes on January 3, when a new Democratic majority takes control of the House. Keep pressing in regarding the funding of the border wall. Also, pray into how the media covers this and pray against panic from rising up.   
  • Heartbeat Bill in Ohio – Ohioans were disappointed Thursday. Several Republican lawmakers who pledged pro-life support ultimately caved and voted to uphold the Kasich veto on the Heartbeat Bill. Pray for a second chance for the Heartbeat Bill with a new Ohio Governor.
  • Believers in China – According to a Facebook page, “Pray For Early Rain Covenant Church,” Pastor Wang Yi and his wife, Jiang Rong, have been both charged with “inciting to subvert state power” and are being held in unknown locations. Also, Chinese authorities have forcibly taken away four foster children from one couple at Early Rain Covenant Church.  With the recent crackdown by Chinese authorities, more are in danger of being arrested as the majority of Christians in China go to “unregistered” churches. Pray for justice to prevail, and for the protection of our brothers and sisters in China.

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