Prayer Directives | December 3, 2018


  • President Trump – Pray for the shalom of God to surround our President. Continue to pray for protection, discernment and strength. Keep praying for peace and order in our nation—declare it in your own locations wherever you go, and for the upholding of the rule of law.
  • Migrant Caravan – It has been reported after the temporary border closing at San Ysidro that some in the caravan turned around. This issue is not resolved, however. It is also being reported that the migrants are now demanding quicker turnaround times for processing their requests to come into the U.S. Additionally, the media’s reporting of this does not help as most media outlets do not report on how our laws work. Continue praying for this situation at the borders. Pray for wisdom of law enforcement agencies working together. Pray for those caught in the middle of a lawless situation (women and children due to trafficking), that God will protect them.
  • Judicial Nomination Process – Outgoing Never Trumper Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) is voting against all judicial nominees. Unless he gets a vote on legislation to protect Robert Mueller, scuttling 21 upcoming Senate Judiciary Committee (SJC) votes, this will require Vice President Mike Pence to break ties for some nominees already on the Senate floor, and requiring all others to be re-nominated in 2019. Pray for this divisive tactic Flake is using to fail, and for him to be convicted in his heart by the Holy Spirit and repent.  
  • The Corporate Church in America and Abroad – Pray as January approaches and the newly voted and re-elected Congressmen and women are placed in office, that more will awaken to the necessity of a grassroots movement and get involved. Keep praying that God will continue awakening His bride where she has been lulled to sleep.

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