Prayer Directives | December 10, 2018

  • President Trump – Pray for the shalom of God to surround our President. Continue to pray for protection, discernment and strength. Pray for wisdom regarding the building of the border wall.
  • Division and Unity The enemy wants to keep Christians in America and abroad in disunity. Let’s pray we come together with His heart, striving to have the “Mind of Christ” in all things, observing to do all as He leads.   
  • Border Wall – An Oklahoma Senator has submitted legislation to cut off welfare and tax credits for illegal immigrants. Let’s pray for wisdom concerning this bill he’s submitted. In the natural we are well aware of those in both parties, who oppose the building of the wall. Pray God’s will be done, as it is in Heaven, let it be done on earth!
  • Voter And Election Fraud – Let’s pray for the Lord to intervene and to prevent all lawlessness in all our state election laws and systems. May every state establish standards that ensure that only legitimate, registered voters are allowed the high privilege every American citizen enjoys, the right to vote for their leaders and expect that they will be counted.

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