Prayer Directives | August 13, 2018

  • President Trump – President Trump – While the left continues daily to demean, disrespect, and dehumanize him, declare the opposite over our President! Pray for his strength and divine protection. Pray that the legal team working on behalf of President Trump will have divine wisdom as they deal with the ongoing Russia investigation. Continue to also pray for the Shalom of God to cover his heart and mind, and for him to have heavenly wisdom and discernment, and for him to not rely solely on instinct.

  • Media Censorship Of Conservatives – Pray for conservative voices such as Alex Jones whose show Infowars was recently banned from several social media outlets, as well as others experiencing more and more censorship, including “shadow banning” on Twitter. Pray for wisdom and heavenly strategies for those who have been affected (including Lance’s platform on Facebook where the audience he’s reaching has also been decreased). Pray for voices to rise WITHIN these social media platforms to bring about kingdom influence.
  • Pastor Andrew Brunson – The President recently issued sanctions against Turkey in response to this situation. Keep praying that the Lord will turn the heart of Turkey’s President, that he would not harden his heart as Pharaoh did during the time of Moses. Continue praying for this Pastor’s strength, divine protection, for warrior angels to surround and guard him.
  • Midterms – Pray Christians will step up and vote. Pray for more courageous pastors in the pulpits of America, for their eyes to be opened regarding the midterms and the importance of voting. Pray for strength for those who are running, and that people will support them financially or volunteer in some way.
  • ICE/Immigration Issues and Protests – Pray that Holy Spirit continues to reveal the enemy’s plans. Pray that the truth continues to come out in media and that the Democrats’ plans to use this as a tool for midterms will backfire.
  • Intelligence Community – Pray that God will continue to root out the corruption in these agencies, but also raise up more individuals who have not been tainted by the “swamp” to step into key leadership roles.

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