Prayer Directives | August 1, 2018

  • President Trump – Pray for his strength and continued divine protection. The left has not given up on their efforts to demean, disrespect or dehumanize him. Declare the opposite over him! Continue to also pray for the Shalom of God to cover his heart and mind.
  • “Picador” Media – Picador, is a reference to the recent word from Veronika West. Pray for a dulling of their words and actions, that they miss their intended mark.
  • Pastor Andrew Brunson – Prayers are working! He has been allowed to leave the jail and is now remanded to house arrest during his trial. VP Pence has since called for a prayer vigil for him which was posted in Charisma and also challenging Turkey’s President Erdogan for his release or suffer consequences. Pray that the Lord will turn the heart of Turkey’s President, that he would not harden his heart like Pharaoh. Also pray for this Pastor’s strength, divine protection, for warrior angels to surround and guard him. Continue to pray for favor and his freedom to come home to the USA.  
  • ICE/Immigration Issues and Protests – Staged protests against ICE and the results of the recent vote to show support for ICE clearly showed where the Democratic party stands. Pray Christians will vote. Pray that Holy Spirit continues to reveal the enemy’s plans. Pray that the truth continues to come out in media and that the Democrats’ plans to use this as a tool for midterms backfires.   
  • Intelligence Community – Pray that God will continue to root out the corruption in these agencies, but also raise up those who have not been tainted by the “swamp.”  
  • US Borders – There recently was a reporter who captured an illegal crossing on video and was threatened by the “trafficker” connected to this crossing. Pray for more people in media to cover the truth of what happens at our borders.
  • Midterms – Pray for strength for those who are running, and that people will step up and support them financially or volunteer in some way. #WalkAway Movement – Pray that the Lord will open the eyes of the corporate church to “see” the opportunity here. Over 100,000 people have since left the Democratic Party, not all of which are even Christians! Pray that this is not another missed opportunity for the church to use its influence.

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