Prayer Directives 11/18/19


  • President Trump – From Cindy and Mike Jacobs: “Pray for President Trump’s physical, emotional, and spiritual safety. The warfare against him has been intense throughout his presidency. Even witches have cast spells against him in an effort to harm him. Break all of that off of him and say, “A curse without a cause shall not alight.” Ask the Lord to reveal all truth, not one-sided truth. Truth is truth and truth does set free. Declare that any testimony that is opinion and not fact will be struck down and removed from the record. Intercede against every political agenda and call that agenda to become clear as the hearings progress.” 


  • Israel – According to CBN News, hundreds of rockets were fired in retaliation for the IDF assassination of senior Islamic Jihad terrorist Baha Abu Al-Ata. In a statement by PM Netanyahu, Al-Ata had been responsible for many terrorist attacks and the firing of rockets at Israel in recent months, and he had intended to carry out imminent attacks. A cease-fire did occur but as of Thursday evening, the Islamic Jihad terror group fired more rockets from Gaza in violation of a cease-fire that began earlier that day. Pray and declare the promises of God for Israel’s protection and wisdom for their military leaders.


  • Big Tech Interference According to an article published by Breitbart on 11/11/19, “Google has removed PragerU’s app from its Play Store, which delivers apps to billions of Android users around the world, even as the tech company defends itself against a court case alleging that it is unfairly censoring PragerU on YouTube.” Google is already locked in a long-running court battle over censorship of PragerU, which creates educational content from a conservative perspective. PragerU has had its videos restricted and placed behind age filters by Google-owned YouTube. In a comment to Breitbart News, PragerU spokesman Craig Strazzeri said the public should doubt Google’s stated reasons for removing its app from the Play Store. It should be noted that as of 11/12/19, a user noted that the app is showing in their Play Store and the PragerU app was downloadable. Other big tech interference includes YouTube and Facebook using specific algorithms on their platforms affecting conservative users, as well as the current impeachment process. Pray that big tech interference would be interrupted by God. Pray for Christians in these organizations to be awakened, for them to have courage, and when it is right and necessary, to make a bold stand.

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