Prayer Directives 10/14/19


  • President Trump – Continue covering the President in prayer regarding the impeachment situation taking place. Pray for President Trump and his civilian, military, and spiritual advisors. The wisdom of God and the hearing of His voice is both needed and required. In regards to those advising him on Syria, Turkey and related issues, pray that the President will have discernment and clarity to make the right decisions. Pray for angelic assistance to move those influenced by the enemy’s plans out of his way. Pray for continued exposure of the leviathan spirit in the activities and messages broadcasted by the media. Declare the Word of God, and the shalom of God, over the President’s heart, mind, and spirit.
  • Turkey’s Invasion of Syria – According to a report released by CBN News Middle East Bureau Chief Chris Mitchell, he reported that the Turkish invasion of northern Syria is not really a well-intentioned attempt to fight terrorists. He says there’s actually a strong element of Islamic jihad at the heart of Turkey’s agenda. Pray for our government leaders to discern the truth and that God will give them wisdom and effective strategies. Also keep the Kurds and Christians in the affected area covered in prayer. Pray for divine protection, for angelic assistance against their enemies, and for the enemy’s plans to fail.
  • Abortion Issues – Center for Medical Progress (CMP) investigators, David Daleiden, Sandra Merritt and other CMP associates are defending themselves in a civil lawsuit filed by Planned Parenthood for damages to their business and reputation. This is due to the successful undercover video exposè of their involvement in the illegal harvesting and sale of aborted baby organs and other body parts. Pray for the truth to be seen and heard in this court case, and for justice to prevail.
  • Media – Recently on NBC’s Today show, New York Times columnist James B. Stewart shared a twisted point of view of who Deep State is, and what they are doing. His new book, Deep State, hails bureaucrats undermining the Trump administration as noble public servants “protecting the Constitution” and the American people from the President. During the interview he denounced any criticism of the “deep state” as “very dangerous.” Pray for our President’s protection from these political bullies disguised as ‘Constitutional rule followers.’ Also pray God continues to reveal the spirit of leviathan in media, and for believers to grow in discernment regarding the spirit behind the messages coming through media.

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